Not all auctions are created equal.   Choosing the right firm, the right type of auction and the right season is very important. Chicago has a number of auctioneers, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Traditional auctions are good for large items, furniture, fine art, etc. But they may not be good for smaller items or very specialized subjects. Also, some auction companies are very selective in what they’ll accept, and from whom, and some don’t have the clientele for better items.

Besides local auction houses, there are a number of more specialized and regional firms. For instance, a piece of Pennsylvania folk art from the 1800s probably won’t make full price in Chicago, even at the finest auction house.

We sell at, and have excellent relationships with, auctioneers in Chicago, across the country, and even in Europe. Because of this we are able to place your items where it’s going to reach the right market and obtain the best price. These relationships are important, as the companies are getting more selective, expensive to sell through, and specialized.